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PageRank and valuation PageRank and valuation tool will show you your site's PR from serveral Google servers as well as many other stats regarding your website. You can also sign up (free) to be notified when your PR changes.
whois This Whois tool will show you who registered the domain, using what registrar, and when they did it.
 real-time domain check Here is a Domain Lookup web 2.0 tool that lets you check the availability of a domain name in realtime.
Bookmarklet Our Bookmarklet helps check the Smart PageRank stats for any site you are currently browsing. It is a must for an avid webmaster!
  Firefox Add-on NEW!  Smart PageRank's Smart Toolbar is small, simple, and powerful. It gives you quick access to powerful SEO tools. It also includes the Alexa Rank and Page Rank. The usage of this toolbar will increase the Alexa Rank of the websites you visit.

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