5 SEO Trends for 2014

With the first quarter of the year almost finished, there are SEO practices that appear to be trending more than the others. Many will be aware of the many SEO predictions made late last year. A few are quite novel but some appear to be mere confirmations of what most of us have known for some time.

SEO Trends Observed in 2014

So what has been happening from the start of the year until now?

Marketing Strategy is Focused on Content

There was a time when some web developers thought they were able to do away with quality content by using some short-cut strategies. Who could blame them? Their strategies worked for a time. However, with the relentless pursuit of reliable search engines for quality search results, website owners had no choice but to deal with the fact that content is still king. The result is a general trend for producing relevant content which will form the core of marketing efforts.

Web Developers Give Long-Tail Keywords a Second Look

We are all familiar with single keywords and how fierce the competition is as many websites fight for supremacy over words which we think searchers will automatically type on their keyboards. The use of long-tail keywords or keywords that contain more words is not a new concept. Its use however is gaining more ground this year as more and more website owners and developers realize that they can compete in a more level playing field with it. The key of course is to find those that perfectly fit to the site and the audience.

Adaptable Websites Gain Advantage Faster

Adaptability of sites is focused on the capability to be functional whether seen on desktop computers or mobile devices. The positive response to adaptable sites has largely encouraged many sites to follow suit. The audience wants the freedom to access sites regardless what device they hold in their hand.

Technical Quality is a Must

Not all readers will be as kind as your friends and relatives by commenting how good site your is when it is actually technically dysfunctional. The trend today is towards technical sophistication without turning off less-than sophisticated users. Every aspect must reflect quality, convenience, and “approachability” through a responsive design.

Build Good Links and Networks

The continuous update of search engines is intended to differentiate quality from non-quality sites. The kind of links a website has to be good if long-term success is desired. Linking lives on but the kind that misrepresents site authority is not to be desired. Relevant and authority links still offer more value to websites.

About the Author:

Jason Bayless is a professional blogger that gives small business and entrepreneurs SEO advice. He writes for BestSEOCompanies.com, a nationally recognized comparison website of the best SEO companies in the United States.

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How a Blog Directory Helps in Boosting Your Blog

There is not one single way in which blog owners can ensure the success of their blogs. Highly boosted popularity offers one way to such success but it doesn’t happen overnight nor will it happen by chance. It is important therefore to look into all possible means and every blog owner should consider the role of blog directories in achieving this goal.

Boost Popularity from Start and Onwards

Blogs will need boosting from the start and onwards, probably as long as it exists or wants to be seen. Such is the reality of online presence that blog owners cannot leave everything to chance especially if they expect to have some financial returns for maintaining their blogs. The main issue is how to let the public know or at least the target audience know that your blog exists.

Being listed in a relevant blog directory can help blogs be introduced to searchers. Though search engines are bound to find new blogs at some point, some boosting from other legitimate means wouldn’t hurt at all. In fact, blog promotion is a continuous task and it greatly helps when exposure is being provided by other sources such as blog directories.

Boost Authority

What does being listed in blog directories got to do with blog authority? Simple. By being listed in the most reputable blog directories, your blog will have the opportunity to be seen along side the more established blogs that already command authority and have a steady audience.

Blog directories can be used for the purpose of connecting with the so-called digital influencers who can point a good comment or two in the direction of your blog. However, it has to be kept in mind that the more influence a blog or blogger has, the more challenging it is to get their nod. After all, they already have a reputation to protect and recommending so-so blogs is clearly not in their best interest. Blog owners should not be afraid to take on the challenge of continuously improving their blogs for that is the only way to maintain them.

In essence, blog directories makes it possible for your blogs to be seen at its earliest stage when search engines have not been able to crawl it yet. Blog directory listing can set the tone of where you intend to take your blog. Make your blogs matter by having it listed in relevant blog directories.



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4 Excellent Tactics to Boost Page Rank


Now that SEO has become one of the top ways that businesses bring more traffic to their websites, it’s crucial to use effective practices that maximize page rank. Otherwise, you’re not going to land on the first page of searches, and that means you’re going to miss out on some substantial organic traffic.

Here are four solid ways to boost your page rank and maintain a favorable position.

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5 Advantages of a Virtual Private Server for Your Business

vpsWhen it comes to hosting for a business website, you have three main options, which include shared hosting, virtual private servers (VPS), and dedicated hosting. While the individual needs of your business will dictate the option you ultimately choose, VPS has a lot to recommend it.

Since it occupies somewhat of a middle ground between traditional shared hosting and dedicated hosting, this option has been steadily growing in popularity. Below are five key advantages of virtual private servers.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Page Rank on Google

Increase-Page-Rank i

Is your website visible? Despite your best efforts, it may not be. If you’ve ever done a web search for your page and nothing’s turned up, you already understand the frustrations of dealing with page ranking.

To boost your online profile and improve your page rank on Google, here are a few tips to get you started.

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What the Best Web Hosting Can Do for Your PageRank Goals

Web hosting is not readily associated with PageRank goals. Having access to the best web hosting option however can provide advantages when it comes to optimizing a site for high search ranking purposes. Each and every online connection, partnership, or relationship a site enters into inevitably affects its standing in the grand scheme of online presence.


What a Best Web Hosting Company Offers

Finding the best web hosting company may be somewhat challenging considering the different nature of sites and the goals their owners set for them. However, all sites agree that they want to be found by searchers online. Being found online forms the very foundation of any success that is expected to be harnessed from the effort.

Therefore, there is not one specific best web hosting company for all sites but each site can find the best that can serve its purpose. For all intents and purposes, the web hosting company for a site is one that offers reliability, good reputation, and speed. These are the three essential areas where web hosting companies can help sites attain high PareRank goals which appear to be part of a holistic site success.

How Web Hosting Services Help Sites

First and foremost, it is only through the services of web hosting entities can sites have the chance to be found online. However, their job does not start and stop at providing space for sites. They will also need to ensure that sites will be found online by searchers when needed. This would require sites to be and up and running all the time if possible.

Since site availability will always be susceptible to technological glitches, it is important that web hosting providers are equipped to react quickly to whatever scenario is presented to them. Granting that down time cannot be absolutely avoided, the best web hosting company is expected to get the sites back up in the shortest possible time with minimal inconvenience to the sites involved. Loading speed is also something which web hosting providers can help sites with. This is in light of the fact that speed is believed to be one of the aspects being considered in determining the much coveted high PageRank.

Site Analysis

It has to be noted though that there are certain issues that can be controlled by site owners themselves to get a shot at high ranking in relation to speed. This has something to do with ensuring quick loading. Site owners are advised to analyze their sites for possible “burdens” that result to slow loading such as heavy images and inefficient layouts.

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Should a Blog’s Fate Be Decided by PageRank?

As sites and blog await the next PageRank update after a long while, we can’t help but ask if a blog’s fate should really be decided by it alone. If we are to take into account the considerable effort done by many to be considered favorable by Google for PageRank purposes , we might be tempted to think that there is nothing else beyond it for blogs. In truth, there is still much more waiting for a blog that continues to provide good content to the public.

File:Captain rank insignia (PRC).jpg


PageRank as a Indication of Importance

It is understandable why many site owners concern themselves with PageRank. A PageRank is like a medal of valor which a blog gets to display for all to see to gauge just how important it is. It signifies a blog’s ranking in the blogosphere.

The higher the number, the bigger the pride. Site owners would know  how particularly challenging it is to get a good rank using legitimate means. There is simply no shortcut to hard work.

What Does a Blog Do While Waiting for PageRank?

PageRank will come in its own time. Not even the so-called experts can say with absoluteness when the next one will happen. Everything is just pretty much wise approximations. The time in between PageRank update can be put to better use than entertaining useless anxiety.

1. Improve the Quality of Content

PageRank update or not, improving quality of content is an ongoing concern. The more consistently this is done, the less backlog for checking . This can be an opportune time to visit like blogs that have high ranking. The key is to get and apply to one’s own blog those standards which will prove beneficial. It has to be noted that each blog is different from the other even if they are in the same niche.

2. Check for Dead Links in Existing Posts

It is highly possible that some links used in posts that have been written years ago are already dead, meaning they no longer exist. To maintain quality posts, it is also important to have quality and working links. Checking should be done in a systematic manner so that no posts will be missed.

3. Look for Better Images

Images affect posts one way or the other. It is not so interesting to read a post with no image or poor image. It will be good for the blog find a better image or better yet provide an original image.

Rather than use time to worry about ranking, working for the over-all improvement of the blog is much more productive.


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SEO Expos of 2013

Expositions or expos are events similar to trade fairs that showcase a specific product or idea . Ergo, SEO Expos are conventions that highlight the latest developments in the area of Search Engine optimization or SEO. Obviously, people who will be interested in this type of event are those concerned with the topic of optimizing websites such as web designers, web developers, site owners, bloggers, and just about anyone interested in knowing what it takes to have a successful site.


People who have genuine interest in attending SEO Expos will be glad to know that there are events that are still to happen this year. With over half of the year already finished, there is a lot to look forward to. Here are some information about upcoming expos:

Search Marketing Expo – SMX East 2013

October 1-3 , New York, New York

SMX East attendees are expected to learn SEO, SEM and social media marketing tactics that increase web site traffic, boost conversion and sales. There are over 50 sessions to be offered related to internet marketing topics including search engine optimization, paid search advertising and social media marketing on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. SMX is programmed by search marketing authorities who have extensive experience in educating search marketers.

Several workshops will be held a day before the event itself. Some of the lined-up workshops include Social Content Distribution for SEO, Advanced AdWords Training, International Search Summit, Bruce Clay SEO Training, In-house SEO Exchange, and Local University Advanced. Possible attendees include Corporate Management, Marketing Management and Staff, and IT/Web Personnel.

SEO pioneer, Bruce Clay is also scheduled to conduct a one-day SEO Training Course on March 11-13,2014 in San Jose, CA.

SES Chicago Conference and Expo

November 4-7, Chicago, Illinois

SES Chicago Conference and Expo is an event that offers instructional programs specifically designed to  help marketing professionals, brand advertisers, agencies, and business leaders of various learning levels. It seeks to teach the critical steps to align paid, owned, and earned media for the purpose of driving quality traffic while delivering positive impact on conversions. It also aims to help participants in arriving at wise decisions based on available site data with consumer purchase as an end goal.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the offered topics. Other offered topics include Social Media Management, Email Marketing Strategy, Content Strategy, Landing Page Optimization, Web Analytics, Mobile Marketing, Programmatic Marketing, Paid/Owned/Earned Media, Big Data, Paid Search, Integrated Marketing, Location-Based Marketing, Link Building, and Gamification. This event is recommended for marketing teams, high-level executives of companies, IT executives,as well as web designers and developers.

About the Author:

Isaac Morris is a professional blogger who  provides tips and information on franchise opportunities and investments. He writes for FranchiseExpo.com, the place to find franchise opportunities online.

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Writing for Writing’s Sake

Once a person enters the blogging arena, a barrage of writing tips will be encountered that are all aimed at getting the magic formula for producing the content to beat. Writing in the online world however is not exactly the same as offline writing. Blogging makes use of certain strategies that will lead readers to the written articles. These strategies do not always conform with the structure of a language  so it can present some challenges along the way.

File:Macro Biro writing.jpg


Writing without having to concern one’s self with technicalities is not that easy as it is. This is more so when other concerns such as SEO enter the picture. SEO requires inclusion of certain keywords with prescribed frequency used  , minimum number of words , and use of titles that are not as aesthetic as novel titles because certain rules have to be followed. Of course, one has the freedom to do what he or she wants in blogging but attracting readers and ranking may just take a long time coming if all these rules are set aside.

In the event that you as a writer choose to ignore the rules, you can still make a go for it and simply write for writing’s sake.

Write About Something You Feel Strongly About

When you write about something that strongly affects you or you can strongly relate to, you come out as genuine and true. Opinion will not matter as much as the degree of belief from which the words  are coming from. Contents that come out sincere will find an audience to cater to unless of course the topic appeals to no one.

Write Beautifully so as to Appeal to the Senses

If search engines fail to find your article, humans can still find it. Makes your writings known through the use of social media.  Interact with other like writers who may find your writings interesting and voluntarily share it. Write for people. After all, it is the human society who will use your content. With beautifully written content, search engines may just take its cue from people for a change.

Write with Regularity

Writing regularly is also an SEO strategy but it has to be noted that maintaining visibility is a universal need to be remembered. Making yourself so scarce with writings that are so far apart from each other may just succeed in helping an audience forget you. If you write well,  you owe it to your audience to write not only for writing’s sake but also for them.

About the Author:

Teresa is a researcher-writer who covers a wide range of topics in search of useful information to offer to her readers. She currently maintains four personal blogs.

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Improving Content for Higher Google Ranking

download (21)

There are basically three things a blog owner must be seriously looking into to achieve good ranking for his site- structure, links, and contents.  Among these three, it is improvement of content which is the least technical and therefore more understandable to the layman.  This has not however automatically resulted to better contents.  It would appear creating good content is not as easy as it seems.

Creating good content to attract visitors to one’s site is what is referred to as content marketing.  It is  basically a marketing technique based on creating and distributing relevant content to a target audience.  It is based on the premise that if the required information is provided by a site or blog and the way to finding this information has been provided, traffic will naturally come.

Sound Marketing is Founded on Excellent Content

The foundation of every online marketing effort is excellent content.  Excellence pertains not only to presentation but to relevance as well.  A site or blog is deemed excellent by a target market if it is able to provide the information being sought.  The content should be able to succeed in convincing visitors to be part of the site whether as regular readers or actual customers without resorting to hard-sell.  The best content marketing will lead readers to the site’s desired course of action.

Contents are for Human Users

The biggest mistake that a site can do with regards content is to write it for search engines and not humans.  This is because an article written for search engines is usually not human-friendly.  It should be remembered that humans are the end users.  Search engines only provide the means of finding sites but contents will still have to useful to humans.  The problem with articles written with search engines in mind is the tendency to excessively use keywords without any real and good content.  Deceit should not be employed in getting readers and visitors.

Natural Acquisition of Links

Higher Google ranking through good content is partially achieved by getting natural  inbound links from sites that matter.  A few links from this type of sites can do wonders than many links from lesser-valued sites. Not many sites can achieve this without going through serious assessment of their contents.

High ranking comes in time but only if the site or blog has something to offer in contents.  Otherwise, it might just be too much to ask for.

Teresa is a researcher-writer who covers a wide range of topics in search of useful information.


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