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Smart PageRank

the easy way to check and monitor your PageRank™

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  • Email sent automatically if PageRank™ is updated.
  • Estimates the value of your website.
  • Checks if the PageRank™ is fake or valid.
  • PageRank™ from multiple datacenters.
  • Checks PageRank™ with and without "www".
  • Displays number of backlinks, alexa ranking, and DMOZ links.
  • Mini buttons to display your PageRank™..
  • Thumbnail of website.
  • 100% free!

Firefox Toolbar Update! -- Important!

There is a new update available for the Firefox Smart Toolbar. This is much more reliable than the old one. Please install it soon, for I will be decomissioning the old toolbar on Aug 18th, 2007.

To upgrade, click here. Then click on the "Install Now" button to upgrade (or to perform a new installation if you do not yet have the toolbar installed).

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with Google Inc., but only provides publicly available information about pagerank values of websites. provides our
services on an "as is" and "as available" basis. We do not provide any guarantees regarding the stability and/or availability of these services.

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